War Selection Rules

All members showing a green war shield are considered for war.

(Remember to put your war shield to red if you cannot (or do not want to) be in the next war, so that someone else gets a chance and your space isn't wasted.)*

You will not usually be put in the war if:

  1. You did not use both attacks in the last war.
  2. You have not donated troops to others since the last war search.
  3. Your league shield is blank.
  4. You are very new to the clan (you must wait one war before you are put in.)
  5. You attacked targets that were too easy in the last war. (e.g. #12 attacking #14 (-2) is put in before #15 attacking #25(-10)) - of course there may be strategic reasons to attack low near the end of battle day, but I'm talking about people who use their first attack on something really low, before low trophy people in our clan have a chance.)

*Clan War Shield

you want to be included in the next war

you don't want to be in the next war

Change shield here: