Clan History

A long time ago there were dinosaurs and that, then...

17 November 2016 - Dark Matter clan was founded by Oryxis after he was kicked with everyone else from another clan after that Leader had a strop because we lost a war! LoganitsmE (a friend from the other clan) joined the same day, bringing Apollo Gaia with him.

Mostly thanks to LoganitsmE recruiting from Global chat, we got enough members for...

23 November 2016 - First Clan War

06 Dec 2016 - Upgraded to Level 2 Clan

Lots of fighting and stuff happens and then...

05 Jan 2017 - Upgraded to Level 3 Clan

People join, say: "Make me Co", are not made Co, say potty mouth things and leave.

16 Jan 2017 - This website is set up

Chicken Rider invented by Oryxis and Lord Campbell. (See Members' Art and Animal page.)

16 Feb 2017 - Upgraded to Level 4 Clan

Lots of clan members improving their skills and upgrading their bases.

13 Apr 2017 - Upgraded to Level 5 Clan

21 Jun 2017 - Upgraded to Level 6 Clan

07 Jul 2017 - Our 100th War

20 Sep 2017 - Upgraded to Level 7 Clan